How it Works

How it works

We wanted Stay A-OK to be super user-friendly! So, you can forget searching Contact Us pages for a company’s phone number.

We have all of the important details right in front of you!

  • Hours
  • Area Services
  • Alerts/Notices
  • Location

Step 1: Select a Category

Unemployment Offices, Airlines, Financial, Utilities, Retail, Insurance, State and Federal Services, and more

Step 2: Choose a Company

Step 3: Pick the Department

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Q: Can I use Stay A-OK on my mobile device or tablet?
A: Right now, our platform only works on a desktop or laptop computer, using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. (Not compatible with Internet Explorer or Safari.)

Q: How do I know what numbers are available to call?

A: All of the numbers that are listed on the platform are also listed for search on our public website.

Q: What if I don’t see the number I want to call?

A: Send us a message and we’ll be happy to look into adding it to our system.

Q: I didn't receive a "Verify Email Address" email.
A: Be sure to check your SPAM folder and add to your contacts. You can also request a new verification email by signing into your account or clicking here.

Q: What if I do not feel comfortable giving my credit card number online?
A: While a credit or debt card is required to register, you can use a virtual card instead of your personal card. A virtual card adds an extra layer of protection between your accounts and the bad guys. Most majors banks provide virtual cards to account holders or you can get one from an issuer, like

Q: I have a coupon code, where and when do I enter it?
A: After you verify your email, you'll be able to select a plan and enter the code there.

Q: I have a different question or need help with something else?
A: Send us a chat!