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John McCarley


Entrepreneur | Mission-Driven | Sales | Sustainability | Fashion/Retail | Tech | Aspiring Home Chef

John is a serial entrepreneur that started his first company at 13. Stay A-OK is his latest venture after being laid-off due to Coronavirus.


Distracter in Residence

Squirrel Enthusiast | Barkless | Peanut Butter Lover | Orthologist | Pillow Hater | Obsessive Compulsive
Fitz's OCD requires a walk at precisely 5 pm each day - rain, snow, or shine. Fitz's mantra is that 'squirrels are evil' and alerts them to stay away by scratching our office windows all day.

Our Story

I’m John McCarley and like millions of Americans, I was recently laid off due to COVID-19. That led me to file for unemployment. The site kept crashing, but I was eventually able to apply and thought I was A-OK.

But Fast forward to the first day that I was able to request my payment. First, I got an error message that said I was too early, then I was too late, and then that my request had been completed. But, when I went to confirm my payment request, it said it was $0. Needless to say, I panicked.

I picked up my phone starting calling the number provided. I called nearly 200 times over 12 days only to get busy signals and the occasional “Your call cannot be completed at this time, please try your call again later.” I thought busy signals were a thing of the past they are here to haunt us all!

That brings us to why I’m here today. After the first few times, I called and just got busy signals, – being the techie nerd I am – I started searching for an app or service that would auto redial the number for me with no luck.

Stay A-OK is a web app that will allow you to select your local unemployment office, and then it will auto-dial the number for you until you are connected. The benefit of this service is that it runs in the background of your computer while you do other tasks like look for jobs, work on your resume, send emails, or anything else while it handles the calling for you.

The idea was further validated by and NBCDFW article, “The Texas Workforce Commission recently received 2.2 million calls in just one day“!