Your On-Demand Second Phone Line

Imagine having an around-the-clock personal assistant to call, redial, and hold for you.

Ever wished you had a personal assistant to make that call to the cable company you've been dreading?

While we may not be a magic genie, your wish has been granted!🧞 Stay A-OK’s simple web platform makes calling common customer service numbers as easy as a click

We’ve scoured the web to find actual phone numbers and verified each one for you. Make a call right from your computer’s web browser, any time, any place.

If the number is busy, we automatically redial it until you’re connected. Second and third wish not included.​

How it works

How It Works

We’ve designed Stay A-OK to be a single source for the information you’d look for when calling customer service. We provide the hours, areas served, department information, and links to Twitter, FAQ’s, and support website. Even a link to a company’s live chat feature, if they offer it. 

In order to be connected you to the right number, we’ve divided the process into three steps, Industry > Company > Department. 


The first step to find the number to call is to select the industry/category of the organization you'd like to call.
Direction Arrows
Step 1


Once you've selected the industry, you can pick the company you'd like to call from the dropdown menu.
Direction Arrows
Step 2


Since most companies have different departments to handle specific products or services, you can pick the one that best relates to the reason for your call.
Step 3

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